Hand Dyed Yarn Questions


Woohoo! You're well on your way in your knitting/crocheting journey! You've decided to try hand dyed yarn instead of the basic commercial yarn. Which don't get me wrong is awesome, but hand dyed is so much fun and has such a bigger personality in my opinion, because the colorways are so unique and very fun!

However; like with anything, there are some tips and tricks for using hand dyed yarn to really get the most out of your money and time so you enjoy every stitch in your project! 

With that being said, I'll do my best to answer the most common questions.

Q: How many skeins do I get? 

A: In the photos there may be numerous skeins,  that is just for photo purposes. When you click add to cart,  you are only adding one skein. Not every skein in the photo!  :)

Q: Will all skeins look the same

A: Not always. because every skein is hand dyed in small batches it's hard to get an exact consistency of let's say speckles, saturation, etc. What I can promise is that I put attention and detail into every skein so I do my best to get each skein very close to each other :) 

Q: Should I alternate skeins if I'm working on a big project that requires more that one skein? (Pooling issue - when the change of skeins is highly noticeable - keyword BLEND)

A: I say YES! The reasoning behind this is because since not every skein is identical, you don't want to see the inconsistency from one skein to another in your order. I highly recommend alternating throughout your work so that your item is nice and blended looking. 

Q: What if I run out of yarn?

A: Let's say that you found an adorable sock pattern, and the project calls for 450 yards of fingering (1) sock weight yarn and my sock yarn is approx. 463 yards I would always suggest buying an extra skein to have on hand just in case! No, no, no that's not me upselling (haha). It's my honest opinion. Nothing is worse than being so close to finishing a project and noticing you are going to run out before you finish, have to re-ordering, hoping it's still in stock, waiting for it to be delivered. Who needs all that stress? 

Q: How do I care for my yarn?

A: To keep your project looking new and awesome I would suggest a nice, gentle washing. Hand washing is always a better idea and use either a little detergent or your favorite wool wash. Some colors will bleed more than others (reds are one of them, but don't worry! it's normal) simply wash with cold water to minimize bleeding. 

Q: What type of dye is used? 

A: The dye I use for my skeins is an acid based, which adheres to the bare skeins very well! I know what you're thinking.. ACID?! haha, don't worry it's one of the top dyes used from almost every hand dyed yarn company.